The world never gets tired of some problem that are facing every day. Issues that may seem impossible to solve. The issues are the things which creates a thing fom something and becomes a big deal for everyone to face and solve. In this society for sure there are lots of issues that everyone is facing. There are society issues that needs 100% focus to solve immediately. These big and major issues that some countries faces. Minor issue on the other hand are just little and simple problems that does not affect or change anything. The issues are simply things easily caught your attention.

Society issues vary from different aspects and usually these are threats to the society in living a peaceful and calm life. your might want to know the social issues that are common to people and to the world nowadays.

Here are some issues to face:

  1. Global issue that concerns climate change. As one may thingk nobody can straighten this up and solve this issue. Everybody has a participation sto why a climate change happens, we need to put into details we need to take care og mother earth well.
  2. Health issues are the most rampant issue that needs to look into. As there are a growing number of people, there are also growing spread of diseases that ever body would face.
  3. Violence is never ending issue and most people who committed these crimes are teens. Teen stage is very crucial since these need a lot of guidance and pressure from friends are always there. Teens lack the nurture and attention of the family and mostly exposed to their outside world. They do not know that the family that they hated the most are the ones who will help them in times when needed. Teen issues are always evolving.
  4. 69_1_Issues_LogoIssues of sexuality have already been an issue since then. Unlike before gender issues are already accepted by people. Liike same sex marriage for example has already been accepted in some countries. Another gender issue is about women who are not capable of doing the things men can do. Not now, since women power is already recognized by the society. There are things that women can do that men cannot and women can do that men cannot. This already has been a long time issue.
  5. Another hot issue the society is affected is about economic issues relating to unemployment. The rate for unemployement are never going down, it alswasy goes up or remains the same. This happens because teens are never serious on what course to take which will lead them to a better career in the future. But how come there are unemployed if there are a lot of them applying ofr a job. One thing tp consider is that they are not that confident enough with the kind of work they applied and they have the tendency to change a job and have job hunting. This will never get the person having a salary.
  6. Last issue that the world is looking into is the international issue with regards to terrorism. This issue is worldwide spread and it does not concentrate to one country only. Peaceful negotiations to terrorist are the key to this and strict rules should be implemented in allowing terrorist to enter such countries.

Societal issues are burden to people. These needs proper caring and understanding as to why it happens. Since these are problems that affects a person or the whole community or society, this should always be taken account one by one. To ensure that these will no longer become an issue to the country, but some really needs the attention of the government to help iron out issues that are coming in and out of the society.