Bosnia-Herzegovina, in southeastern Europe, suffered a terrible war in the early 1990s. The war caused suffering that lasted long past the end of the fighting. Three organizations assisting the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina are Islamic Relief USA, SOS Children’s Villages International, and Women for Women International.

Islamic Relief USA
Islamic Relief USA is one of a worldwide family of organizations working together under the name “Islamic Relief.” The organization follows the teachings of the Qur’an to provide relief to people in need regardless of religion, race or gender.
In 1992, IRUSA was among the first international, non-governmental organizations to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. They delivered food, water and clothing and rebuilt homes, schools and places of worship destroyed in the war.
Recently, Islamic Relief has repaired homes damaged by flooding in 2014. Homeowners received everything they needed to fix their homes and resume their lives.

Organizations that Help in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Islamic Relief, SOS Children’s Villages International, Women for Women International

Stari Most bridge in Bosnia

SOS Children’s Villages International
SOS Children’s Village International is non-governmental and non-denominational. It cares for children who don’t have or who may lose parental care and works to prevent family breakdown. SOS works to protect the rights of children. It builds families for children in need and helps to develop communities.
The organization relies on Courage (taking action), Commitment (keeping promises), Trust (believing in each other), and Accountability (being reliable) to carry out its goals.
SOS Children’s Villages began work in Bosnia in 1994, during the war. It provided relief to families affected by the war. Following the war, it focused on supporting local people. It now supports children, families and young people across Bosnia-Herzegovina.
SOS has provided relief aid and delivered long-term support to local populations. It has helped families care for and protect their children by providing psychological support and training and counseling for families. SOS cares for children who can no longer live with their families. Young people can live in flats and houses and learn to live semi-independently.

Women for Women International
Women for Women helps marginalized women in nations affected by war. The organization offers tools and skills to help women improve their lives from poverty and crisis to economic self-sufficiency.

In 1993, Women for Women International was founded to provide emotional and financial support to women displaced by the war in Bosnia. Women for Women has served more than 60,000 women in 50 communities and many ethnic groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Women who complete the program increase their earnings and connections to networks that help them share information about their rights.