Mannatech is a leading producer of synthetic-free supplements, powders, and other such blends that promote a healthier individual. Mannatech, which has reached great success from its individual product lines, decided to team up with children all over the world. They developed a movement called “Mission 5 Million” to help suffering children each day. The cause of suffrage comes from something many of them cannot control or have little power over: malnutrition.

Malnutrition is responsible for 5 million deaths among children each year. It is an epidemic that has seemed to become less and less controllable over the years. Malnutrition is defined simply as a lack of individual nutrients a body needs on a daily basis to operate within correct health standards. Lacking these nutrients causes fatigue, lack of energy, and over time progresses to deteriorate the body, ultimately leading to death. The number of deaths is so large that Mannatech has stepped up to make sure this epidemic is controlled efficiently and effectively.

With purchasing any of Mannatech’s products, you trigger a donation of their PhytoBlend powder to an individual in need. Mannatech has teamed up with many agencies across the globe to search out individuals in desperate need of this product to raise nutrient levels or to nurse them back to a healthy self. Your donation also benefits you the customer. You not only receive a good feeling in your heart for helping another at risk individual, but you also receive a product that can help promote your individual fitness goals and regimen. Mannatech features health and wellness products, sports and fitness items, weight loss supplements, and even skin care products. With this vast list of items available for purchase, you’ll be sure to find something you could benefit from using and rest assured knowing you did you part to help someone in need.

Now it is time for you to do your portion of the work so this campaign can be made a success. Visit Mannatech’s website and search through their unique and vast product lines for something you can use to improve your physical appearance, fitness, or skin health. Sometimes certain individuals don’t receive enough ‘good’ nutrients in the food they consume on a daily basis, so the PhytoBlend powder may be a good choice for you as well. Once the purchase is made the donation is sent off to help a child struggling from facing this terrible illness. Do you part; help rid this world of this illness and join the movement preventing malnutrition from being one of the leading factors of death’s in this country each year.