Recent events have brought the plight of Syrian refugees to the forefront of our consciousness on an international level. If you find yourself empathizing with their situation but feel like there is little you can do to help, it might surprise you to learn how vital a role in assisting them you can actually play. If you are willing to donate a little money, time, or space, you can and will make a difference. Here are several good places to start.

The International Rescue Committee

you can donate money or volunteer to work with the IRC and in doing so you will become part of one of the top organizations providing humanitarian aid services to Syrian refugees since 2012. They provide cash vouchers for food, legal aid, education, and employment. They also support a number of healthcare facilities and schools and currently provide high-quality education services to thousands of Syrian children.

Donate to International Red Cross

This organization works with Syrians all over the world providing aid in countries from the United States to Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon. This is another organization to which you can donate both money and time in various ways to make a difference in the lives of Syrian individuals and families.

Give to Haircuts for Syria

Part of Islamic Relief USA, an independent, legally separate member of a growing family of relief organizations, Haircuts for Syria provides a vital service to which you can donate right now. It allows Syrian refugees a higher degree of dignity and self-esteem, both of which are vital for assimilation into new places and surroundings as well as obtaining gainful employment. You can find more information on the program here.

Offer Your Room or Property on AirBNB

Donating living space to refugees is one of the most meaningful ways you can show your support and desire to give significant aid. Their Refugees Welcome program can be a particularly rewarding way to provide aid and learn more about the people you are helping firsthand.

No matter how you choose to help, know that your participation will help people live better lives and give them opportunities that many of us take for granted. We encourage you to carefully consider the options on this list or seek out organizations on your own whom you would be comfortable supporting with your money and time.