Here it is: Thanksgiving Day, a day of gratitude towards your Provider, a day of football classics and that traditional morning Thanksgiving Day parade. It’s also time to gather with family and friends, a good thing, and go into a carbo coma, a bad thing. Yes, medical doctors attest to there being such a thing as a carbo coma or carbohydrate overload. That being said, our article below covers both how to avoid this infamous malady and lose weight at the same time.

Before And During The Big Meal:
1- Do a Liver or Body Detox–Before and After the Holiday
Typically consuming about 2,500-4,000 calories per Thanksgiving meal, a good, safe detox strategy is great. Checking out TruHealth™ Mini-Cleanse by Mannatech, will help keep those unwanted extra calories off and let you enjoy your meal guilt-free.

2- Splurge On Water
Reaching for the water first, and drinking plenty of it, helps take your appetite away and cleanses out unwanted food toxins–and calories too! That being said, stick with water, and don’t indulge in alcoholic drinks–or diet sodas.

3- Your 33 Percent Discount
Serving yourself just one-third size of your full plate goes a long way. You don’t have to pig out do you?

Things to Do After the Big Meal:
4- Start Exercising
Start some semi-vigorous exercise routine like Tai Chi, walking or bicycling.

5- Skip the Eggnog–If You Can
Instead indulge in green tea or just plain lime-accented fizzy water.

6- Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels
Eat several small snacks a day made up of just protein and low-starch carbs. Also skip the caffeine beverages that cause some people’s sugar levels to spike.

7- Drink More H2O
Keep drinking plenty of water and unsweetened green tea.

8- Yummy Homemade Soup
Drink plenty of homemade soup. You know, the ones that don’t come in a can? Try your own hand at bone broth, fish broth or veggie broth.

9- Accelerate Your Metabolism with Hot Peppers
Jalapeno, habaneros or scotch bonnets will do the trick in activating and accelerating your metabolism. You can even add them to your morning green smoothie.

10- Snack On Pumpkin Seeds
Almonds and walnuts are also great, but pumpkin seeds, or salted “pepitas” are exceptionally low in carbohydrates for those of you on a low-carb diet regimen.

11- Detoxing and Probiotics
Help your detox program along by drinking plain, good quality kefir and following it one hour later with a ginger, lemon-tea detox.

There you have it! Our Thanksgiving Day, any holiday season, 11-prong strategy for getting through the feast and taking it all off later–ASAP!